The Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium (Olinco) is a general linguistics conference held biannually at Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic. It covers synchronic or diachronic aspects of grammar, phonology, or semantics. Papers may treat language description, language acquisition, performance, translation, or language deficits.

The general topic of the conference is language use and linguistic structure. The contributions  are expected to include justified proposals for linguistic structure, and at the same time related these structures to some aspect of language use, such as information structure, phonetics, or meaning. The conference also includes several specialized thematic sessions.

Call for Papers

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline:
Notification of acceptance:
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Papers and posters

We welcome proposals for oral presentations and posters in the form of abstracts related to the general topic and/or a workshop topic. Abstract submission guidelines are given below. Poster sessions will be an integral part of the conference program. The language of the conference is English. All abstract submissions will be anonymously reviewed by an  international committee of linguists.

Thematic sessions

Budget accommodation

For authors of accepted oral presentations (or two co-authors), we can reserve economical accommodation  for up to four nights in shared rooms (shared WC and shower facilities) in a university dormitory (within walking distance of the conference venue). More information to be made available below.

Thematic Sessions

The 2018 conference will feature a nomber of specialized workshop sessions. Their themes are to be announced.


Conference venue

The 2016 Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium (Olinco 2016) was held in the recently restored Palacký University Faculty of Arts.

This building which served for hundreds of years as a college related to the Moravian archbishopric is centrally located among other historic buildings atop the city walls. It overlooks a verdant park that separates the conference venue and the dormitory accommodations.

Both the conference venue and the accommodations are easily accessible by tram lines. Visit practical information for more.

Palacký University Olomouc, Faculty of Arts
Address: Křížkovského 12, Olomouc, 771 80
Web: http://www.ff.upol.cz/en/

Practical information

From Prague to Olomouc: The easiest way to get from Václav Havel Airport Prague to the main train station (Praha, hlavní nádraží, sometimes abbreviated to Praha, hl. n.) is to take the Airport Express (AE) bus. It stops right in front of the arrival hall (a bit to the right, the last bus stop) and takes you directly to the main train station which is the terminus. You buy the ticket from the driver for Kč 60 (about EURO 2.5, but the driver does not accept foreign currencies, so you have to exchange money at the airport, try to have a 200 crown note or less). The ticket machines at the stop do not sell this ticket. Timetable here. More info here.

There are also coaches going directly from the Prague airport to Olomouc. More info at the Student Agency website, or call: +420 542 424 242 or +420 800 100 300.

From Vienna to Olomouc: We recommend to take the Student Agency coach which goes directly to Olomouc (3 times daily). See the company website, or call: +420 542 424 242 or +420 800 100 300.

Coming by train: Olomouc is easily reached by express trains (2.5 hours from Prague, 3.5 hours form Vienna, 3 hours from Katowice). Online connection searchOnline map of train delays (in Czech).

Coming by car or coach: All major roads are open. Online map of trafic in Central Europe.

Coming by air: The closest airports are in Ostrava (2 hours by bus and train), Brno (2 hours), Prague (3.5 hours), Bratislava (4 hours), Katowice (4 hours) and Vienna (4.5 hours).

More general information about traveling to Olomouc can be found here.

Palacký University Olomouc, Faculty of Arts
Address: Křížkovského 12, Olomouc, 771 80
Web: http://www.ff.upol.cz/en/


Pre-reserved accommodation (within walking distance of the conference venue): The organizers have arranged significant discounts and made preliminary bookings in three conveniently located accommodation facilities. To book your room, please contact the facility before May 1 (contact info provided below) and mention “Olinco 2016” as the password.

Dormitory Generála Svobody (600 meters to venue)
– Address: Šmeralova 1122/12, Olomouc
– 25 rooms reserved until May 1, 2016
– Double rooms, 2 neighbouring rooms with shared toilet and shower facilities
– Price: 252–358 CZK per person and night
– Credit card payment or payment in Czech crowns is expected at arrival
– Contact: hotel@upol.cz, +420 585 638 016, +420 777 000 202
– Web: http://www.skm.upol.cz/en/dormitories/dormitory-generala-svobody/

*** Hotel Palác (350 meters to venue)
– Address: 1. Máje 27, Olomouc
– 8 double rooms and 2 single rooms reserved until May 1, 2016
– Single room: 1092 CZK/44 EUR, double room: 1264 CZK/ 52 EUR
– Breakfast included
– Contact: info@hotelpalac.cz, +420 585 242 175
– Web: www.hotelpalac.cz

**** Hotel V Ráji (500 meters to venue)
– Address: Hanáckého pluku 10, Olomouc, 779 00
– 5 double rooms reserved until May 1, 2016
– 1300–1400 CZK per room per night
– Breakfast included
– Contact: hotel.vraji@seznam.cz, +420 585 223 500
– Web: http://www.hotelvraji.cz/en/

Tips on other possible accommodation in the vicinity of the conference venue:

Hotel U Dómu (300 meters to venue)
Address: Dómská 4, Olomouc 77200
Tel.: +420 585 220 813, +420 724 335 609
E-mail: hoteludomu@email.cz
Single room: 1200 CZK/45 EUR, double room: 2000 CZK/74EUR

Penzion Na Hradbách  (800 meters to venue)
Address: Hrnčířská 3, Olomouc 772 00
Tel./ Fax: +420 585 233 243, +420 602 755 848
E-mail: rezervace@nhpension.eu
700 – 1500 CZK for a single room per night

Pension Křivá  (1100 meters to venue)
Address: Křivá 8, Olomouc, 772 00
Tel.: +420 585 209 204
E-mail: info@pension-kriva.cz
1550–2000 CZK for a single room per night

Hotel Pension Na Hradě (700 meters to venue)
Address: Michalská  4, Olomouc, 779 00
Tel: .: +420 585 203 231
Fax: +420 585 203 232
Email: penzion@penzionnahrade.cz
Single room: 1490 CZK, double room: 1990 CZK

If you don’t choose among the hotels listed above, you can look for other accommodation possibilities here.

The Czech koruna (CZK or Kč) is the official currency in the Czech Republic. The approximate exchange rate (as of 10 March 2016) is 27.05 CZK to a Euro and 24.65 CZK to a US Dollar. Exchange rates for all major currencies are available here.

Czech sockets are standard European sockets CEE 7/5, with a voltage of 230 V/50Hz. All visitors coming from countries using appliances/plugs that do not work with such sockets/voltages (e.g. USA, UK) are advised to bring adapters.

Mobile phones
Czech mobile phone operators use both of the two standard European GSM bands, 1800 and 900 MHz. All European mobile phones will work without problems but visitors from the US may need a tri-band phone.
The country calling code for the Czech Republic is +420.

Czech Republic has a temperate continental climate, with temperatures averaging 17°C during the day in early June. Worst comes to worst, a raincoat or an umbrella may be of some use. Current forecast is available here.


Selected papers presented at the Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium 2018 will be included in a peer-reviewed volume with the conference proceedings. Like in the previous years, the book will be submitted for inclusion in the Web of Science™.

The electronic version of the Olinco 2014 proceedings, entitled Complex Visibles Out There can be downloaded here (.pdf). The volume is a part of the Olomouc Modern Language Series.

Selected papers presented at the Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium 2013 are included in the proceedings entitled Language Use and Linguistic Structure (.pdf) and in a separate themed monograph entitled Nominal Structures: All in Complex DPs (.pdf). Both books have been included in the Web of Science™.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at olinco@upol.cz.

Olinco History

Previous Olinco conferences:

Olinco 2013:
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Olinco 2014:
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Olinco 2016:
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